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NAIFA-Ohio was founded two decades after NAIFA in 1911 to protect Ohioans working in insurance and financial advising

It was in June 1911 that Mr. W.A.R Bruehl, who was at the time the President of the Cincinnati Life Underwriters Association, suggested the formation of a “joint committee representing every association in the State of Ohio.” The purpose of such a committee would be to cooperate with the various associations in this State on matters of education and legislation.

Several months elapsed, but in the fall of 1911 the joint committee was formed, and according to the records, was called the “Executive Council of Life Underwriters Associations of Ohio.”

A later report taken in February 1915 says that a meeting was held in Columbus, Ohio, and a quotation is given from one paragraph of their then-adopted constitution: “As this committee is composed of members of local associations who are members of the National Association of Life Underwriters, its acts shall conform to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Ohio Association of Life Underwriters, and it shall cooperate with it and the local associations of the State to promote the progress and usefulness of the Association in the State of Ohio.”

With revisions and changes, this organization carried on until 1922. On January 20th of that year at a meeting in Columbus, Ohio, a new Constitution was adopted and subscribed to by representatives from 10 Ohio associations. The official name became “The Ohio Association of Life Underwriters.” The Constitution adopted at that time was later used as a model for several other state associations. A few slight amendments were made on June 27, 1933.

On December 18, 1934, Articles of Incorporation were granted by the Secretary of State. The suffix “Inc.” was added to the official name. A “Code of Regulations” was adopted on June 28, 1935. Amendments and revisions were adopted on May 10, 1957; May 22, 1964; May 27, 1969; May 25, 1971; May 30, 1973; May 13, 1975; May 11, 1976; May 25, 1997; May 4, 1993 and May 12, 1999.